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The use of words is a Biblical strategy in parenting. The words you speak to your children go a long way in shaping their lives and destinies. Your words create your harvest in every area of life.

Words are seeds and when spoken are planted in your life, your children's lives and destinies. Your children are your crown, nurture them with right words.

i. Speaking Into Their Future
Your words serve as conditioning environment for the potentials of your children. If you want to see their great future, speak positive words to them continually, words that will propel them to achieve their utmost in life.

When you speak, power is released. You must realize that God is waiting to collect and act on your words. (Job 6:25, Numbers 14:28)

Pause for a minute and imagine God actually doing to your children every single thing you said to them and about them. What you say are not empty words.

God takes you seriously; it is high time therefore for you to take yourself and what you say very seriously.

Protect the destiny of your children don't say things that will affect their future negatively. Don't snarl at them.

It is more constructive to speak gently to your children and wards than to scream at them. Hard and harsh words kill something inside a child. Children who grow in harsh environments tend to be timid and portray a lack of self-confidence in their adult lives.

Sanitize their lives and destiny with healthy words and teach them to always speak right words no matter what is to the contrary.

Words are the molding blocks of your children's destiny.

Say only what God says about your children and refuse the tendency to describe or call them by the erroneous things that they do from time to time.

Respond to issues, don't react to them. Reaction to a negative incidence will generate more evil but when you respond, you impose positivity and consequently, subdue the evil.

Words of truth, once spoken, have a way of piercing hearts and minds.

It is immaturity for any adult to stoop to the level of a child's infantile behavior and deal with him or her at that same level. Instead of reacting at the same level, respond from a higher level with love.

On no account should you speak evil, destructive and discouraging words to your children.

Your words serve as conditioning environment for the potentials of your children. Create positive and empowering environment for them by speaking words of prophecy that inspire their hearts and provoke their hidden abilities. Always be positive in your approach to them. What you call your children is what they eventually turn out to be.

Say to your children, "It shall be well with you. You will not be small. You are destined for greatness. You are wonderfully and fearfully made to show forth the praises of your God. You are excellent. The top is calling for you." Continue to call forth the manifestation of the ability that is locked up in them. Inside your child are awesome potentials. Don't despise or look down on any child, no matter his mistakes and errors. Your children are the generation next. Start celebrating them today. Make up your mind to speak them to the peak.

God gave you a precious seed to nurture, don't pollute or damage it by showing wrong words into his/her soul.

Ben Carson is a household name in the world of medicine because his mother kept talking until she saw all she said happen in her children's lives.

Hard and harsh words kill something inside a child.

You must consciously work on your children to weed out every negative seed from their minds. What your children think is what ultimately rules their lives.

Do you even believe in your children? If you do, it will show in your actions and behavior towards them.

You can frame the world of your child by your words.

Someone said,

"Watch your thoughts, they become words,
Watch your words, they become actions,
Watch your actions, they become habits,
Watch your habits, they become character,
Watch your character, it becomes your destiny."

As a parent, you are a mentor, monitor and molder. Children are inspired by what you do more than they are guided by what you say.

ii. The Place of Prayer

Prayer is very necessary in building up children; praying for them is a lifetime project.

What is it about your children that you want? Pray it into existence. With prayer you can birth your children into their destinies.

There is no specific time to start praying for them, you can start right from when they are in the womb. Every stage of their life requires prayer, you have to travail in prayer until Christ is fully formed in them.

The prayer you will pray for them at age one can still keep them at age ten.

If you see your children as assets, you will not need anybody to cajole you to pray for them.

Source: Biblical Principles Of Parenting (Chapter 4)

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