Saturday, January 15, 2022

#30DaysOfWisdom | Proverbs 23:19‭-‬21 TPT | Day 15/30

#30DaysOfWisdom | Proverbs 23:19‭-‬21 TPT | Day 15/30

As you listen to me, my beloved child, 

you will grow in wisdom and your heart will be drawn into understanding, 

which will empower you to make right decisions. 

Don’t live in the excesses of drunkenness or gluttony, 

or waste your life away by partying all the time, 

because drunkards and gluttons sleep their lives away and end up broke!

Proverbs 23:19‭-‬21 TPT

#30DoW #30DaysOfWisdom #2022

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