Tuesday, January 18, 2022

#30DaysOfWisdom | Proverbs 23:29‭-‬35 TPT | Day 18/30

#30DaysOfWisdom | Proverbs 23:29‭-‬35 TPT  | Day 18/30

Who has anguish? Who has bitter sorrow? 

Who constantly complains and argues? 

Who stumbles and falls and hurts himself? 

Who’s the one with bloodshot eyes? 

It’s the one who drinks too much and is always looking for a brew.

Make sure it’s never you!

And don’t be drunk with wine but be known as one who enjoys the company of the lovers of God,

for drunkenness brings the sting of a serpent,

like the fangs of a viper spreading poison into your soul.

It will make you hallucinate, mumble, and speak words that are perverse.

You’ll be like a seasick sailor being tossed to and fro, dizzy and out of your mind.

You’ll awake only to say, “What hit me?

I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck!” 

Yet off you’ll go, looking for another drink!

Proverbs 23:29‭-‬35 TPT

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