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Society expects a lot of women. 

Sometimes your wife may feel the pressure of so many expectations at once that it overwhelms her, and this makes her less effective in getting done what she needs to do. She may even get discouraged and short-circuit. Understanding all this will help you pray for her.

The Bible says it's futile to try to establish a home without asking God to build it. Taking care of a home includes countless small tasks that have to be done again and again, and some tasks are so menial that we don’t even think of asking God to be in the midst of them. But He will lighten our load if we yoke up with Him in all that we do.

It would take so much of the pressure off of your wife if you would pray that the burden of caring for the home would be lifted. Don't hesitate to ask God what you can do to help lighten her load as well. 

Keeping a home can be a very thankless job for a woman, especially if no one is, well, thanking her. So remember to show her your appreciation for all she does in the home. She needs to know that you approve, and that you will not thoughtlessly increase her workload.

In setting priorities, a women will generally put everything and everyone before herself.

If she is constantly doing for everyone else and never taking time for herself, it will deplete her emotionally and physically.

Pray for her to take time for herself. It will not make her self-centered, it will make her God-centered.

Pray that God will reveal to your wife what her priorities should be.

Please pray for your wife that:
1. She will remember to put God first.
2. She will take time for you.
3. She will balance her time with the children.
4. She will take needed time for herself.
5. She will be able to create a warm and inviting home.
6. She will always use her time wisely.
7. She will understand what her priorities are.

Ecclesiastes 3:1
Matthew 6:33
Psalm 127:1
Proverbs 31:27
Psalm 37:31

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