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Not knowing who God made us to be, trying to be who we are not, or even just desiring to be someone else, can only lead to a life of misery, frustration, and unfulfillment.

We become the person God created us to be when we ask God for guidance and then do what He tells us to do.

Destructive things happen to us when we don’t respond to God’s voice. We can pray that our children have ears to hear God’s voice so such misery doesn’t happen to them. (Jeremiah 35:17).

One of the devil’s plans for young people is to get them to compare themselves with others, judge themselves as deficient, and then seek to be someone they were not created to be.

Day after day comparing and falling short can attack the true identity of a child. Too many young people who, by the time they reach their teens, long to be someone other than who they are. Instead of appreciating who God made them to be and spending their energies trying to be their best at that, they strive and strain to be something they can’t be, doing something that will never fulfill them.

Our prayers can block this plan of the enemy and give our children a clear vision of themselves and their future.

From the time my children were small I prayed for God to reveal to us what their gifts and talents are. Along with that I asked for wisdom as to how to best encourage, nurture, develop, and train them to be all God made them to be. Helping them to appreciate their strengths and not dwell on their weaknesses was part of that; and since this wasn’t easy during their teen years, it was a frequent focus of my prayers.

The biggest part of helping my son and daughter understand who God created them to be was encouraging their relationship with the Lord. I know they will never fully understand who they are until they understand who God is.

You will see a confident and radiant expression on the face of any child who can say with conviction, “I am the Lord’s.” Do you want that for your child enough to pray for it?

1 Peter 2:9
1 Corinthians 2:9
2 Peter 1:10
Romans 8:28-30
Isaiah 60:1

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