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I have never met a woman who would not enjoy being told that she is beautiful, especially by the man in her life.

God made women beautiful. Inherent in a woman is the desire to see beauty, both in herself and in her surroundings.

The main thing that makes a woman beautiful is knowing that she is loved. That's why having God's Spirit living in her and spending time in God's presence in praise and worship is the most effective beauty treatment available. His love beautifies her inside and out.

Her husband's love also makes a woman beautiful.

One of the reasons raising children can be such a great fulfillment to a woman is that love and affection are flowing through her and to her all day long. But as great as that love is, she needs her husband's love more. His
love fulfills her as a person. It makes her rich. It causes her to feel beautiful. And all that goodness flows back into his life in return.

Your wife is beautiful. Even though she may not be perfect, there is beauty in her. I know this because you would not have married her if you hadn’t seen her beauty. No man marries a woman if he can't find anything beautiful about her. She has to appeal to him in some way. And no matter how long you are married, you will always be able to find that beauty in your wife if you love her enough to look for it and tell her when you see it.

The more a man encourages a woman to feel beautiful, the more beautiful she will become.

How your wife feels about herself is ultimately as important to your happiness as it is to hers.

Although you cannot be responsible for the image of herself that your wife brought into your marriage, you can contribute either positively or negatively to the image she grows into.

Your words have more power to bring out the beauty in your wife than you ever dreamed possible.

No matter how much a man tells a woman she is beautiful and valuable, if she doesn't believe it inside herself, it will never be enough. That's where your prayers can make all the difference. Your prayers can set her free from lies of the past and enable her to hear God speak the truth to her heart.

Pray for your wife to be free from the tyranny of the world's spirit and to get her eyes focused on the beauty of the Lord. His reflection will make her more beautiful than anything else.

Not only should you tell your wife how beautiful she is, but you should tell your daughter also. She needs that from you more than you will ever know.

Please pray for your wife that:
1. She will know that she is loved by God.
2. She will sense the beauty of the Lord in herself.
3. She will feel loved by you.
4. She will value herself.
5. She will find time to take care of herself
6. She will know how to make herself more attractive.
7. You will always think she is beautiful.

Proverbs 31:30
I Peter 3:3,4
Psalm 45:11
Psalm 29:2
Ecclesiastes 3:11

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