Friday, June 1, 2012

Favour Flight

Going through the security check and on getting to the pay cashier, a guy, brawling and broad chested, approaches us and has no regard for my being there. He wants to jump the queue whilst giving courtesy to only my friends ahead of me partly because they were expatriates. Perhaps because I was quite a “summarized” bloke, I could easily be tucked away from his sight.

He asked me “are you with them?” I answered “yes” and he immediately stepped in front of me. I was surprised and wondered if I just spoke in Spanish or if the rules of English had been changed without my notice whereby ‘yes’ means ‘no’. I then said politely (I think), "but I also need to write my name” and his countenance changed and the courtesy reserved for only my friends suddenly flowed in my direction! He was out of my way in no time and while I was writing my number (because my friends had written my name) for the cashier to fill out our tickets, I was sure the virtual movement on my clothes was his eyes scanning me toe to head and back again to place what exactly I was doing with these guys. Then, one counter after the other, I kept getting the question, “are you with them?” and the ‘scanning’ would then follow. You could almost think I was a document in a fax machine with all the ‘scanning’.

We got cleared to check-in and at the security post, one of the guards said he knew me being that I had travelled with the airline before. He had been with his colleague who on finding out I was a musician, asked for my CD which I autographed and gave to her. So, he was asking for his and after writing out his name, ‘Philip’, I gave him a copy. The fact that my friends were introducing me as a gospel musician after calling me by my office sobriquet “Bayor the rock star” seemed to give me an instant preference.

Now, the fun part was getting to wait in the VIP lounge and getting the double take from people coming in every time (you know, that “who is he” kind of look). We were asked if we wanted coffee or tea and I went for healthy tea, no sugar and cream milk. It may not have tasted delicious but I want to be around long enough to still be able to say if something is delicious or not. So, I watch my diet…and my height you might add.

Well, it’s easy to get carried away with the drift of fame on earth without consideration of what our name means in heaven. I am glad that am not overly qualified for this job but God has favored me. As I have seen often, when He blesses you, He ensures He’s your only qualification. 

The VIP lounge is cozy and comfortable; a contrast from the lobby where you get to sit on steel cast park seats that remind you; via pressure from the other end, that you are supposed to be leaving in a hurry so quit getting comfortable. The people that come here are all quiet, courteous and busy people. It also reminds me that the top isn’t crowded. People from other nations strut in one after the other. When seated, they're either reading a book, a newspaper or buying books that are brought to them (unlike the lobby where you have to go get it yourself). Also, they’re mainly working on their laptops, listening to the news, receiving calls or planning the schedule for when they arrive at their destination. You are told when the flight is leaving and also helped with your luggage.

For the eyes reading this, very soon, the blessed will call you blessed. You won’t be broke and yet you won’t be able to afford poverty. Like the moon aligned to reflect the sun, a tree moving in sync with the wind or perhaps a “tall” Nigerian in the company of foreign expatriates, may you begin to experience favor you obviously don’t qualify for. Enjoy the flight to the top. Success isn’t a destination, it’s a journey.

9th April 2009


  1. Awesome! God has just begun with you, bro. I admire your humility. God will sustain your authority.

  2. Learnt more: "When He blesses a man, He ensures He’s his only qualification" -Bayo the Rockstar