Friday, November 30, 2012

Time Factor | God Factor

There’s no space for an extra hour between 11:59pm of a Tuesday and 12:00am of a Wednesday in the same week...
There’s no space for an extra month between December 2012 and January 2013...
It’s good to know that God does not work with manmade wristwatches, clocks or calendars.
If He said He’ll do a thing, it’s not because He wants to do it; it’s because He’s done it already and wants you to enter into it.
If He promised it will happen in 2012, then 2013 would have to wait because His word MUST be fulfilled.
If a man can “gain” extra hours by flying across time zones, how much more will the Maker of Time who resides outside of time, step into time to do in time what He spoke of afore time?
May the grace to brace yourself for the deluge of blessings of December 2012, be yours bountifully.
May it indeed be 31 days of Miracles, Signs and Wonders!
Cheers Great One!


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