Monday, December 3, 2012

To PGH with Love

Dear Papa,

Every new day, as announced by the never waning sun, I see myself thanking God for special people like you in my life that make remembering the days gone by worthwhile.
Your leadership, consummate in skill, has made it easier for me to approach life from a whole new perspective, allowing me to look into the horizon with the priceless feeling of knowing am a son.

Pictures of pleasant moments, like a continuously flowing stream of deja vu experiences, refresh my mind as they remind me of moments in time that you’ve literally held my hand in yours via counsel and instruction. These saw me moving from who I was to who I am and becoming.

When I saw myself as a kid, you called me a king. The child in me instantly became a champion when you showed up on the scene. Now, I see a tree in full bloom when I look in the mirror as against the twig I knew all too well.

Permit me to say, with all sense of appreciation and deep seated gratitude, these common words to an uncommon father…

“Thank you"

Love you loads! 

I celebrate you Pastor GoodHeart O. C. Ekwueme


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