Friday, April 25, 2014

Bad News...Good News

Dear One,

My heart is beating as I write this because I have bad news and good news for you...

I'll start with the bad news:

The bad news is that the good news isn't that much of a big deal...

Now the good news;

The good news is that the bad news wasn't really that bad now was it?

Well, if you're smiling at what you just read, then THAT is Good News because your heart IS also beating.

If for any reason you feel it's nothing to smile about, then I'm not just really surprised you're still reading this but I'm seriously hoping I can find someone with more skill to put a smile on your face. Someone who is smiling even if for no other reason but because the heart is beating!

I may not know too many things but one thing I know is this;


WHATEVER the challenge, it's there because you CAN handle it!

Do have a Joy-filled day, week, month and year ahead!


- 'Bayor


  1. God bless you Bayor! Truly God is too faithful to fail.. Thanks for having a way with words that only put smiles on our faces. God keep you great one this month and beyond. Cheers! PRECIOUS..

    1. Thank God and Thank You Precious!
      God bless and keep you.
      May you remain Protected, Preserved and Provided for as the Precious One that you indeed are.
      Cheers Great One!