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Every organisation has products/services to offer. Jesus himself had products. He had healing, miracle, salvation, abundance etc as products. Jesus didn't go about selling any of these. He sold himself. He knew about relationship (fellowship/koinonia) beyond systems, programs, and marketing gimmicks. So, employees/business men, you are the one people buy into b4 they buy your product. If you only sell your product, you'll probably make a sale (think of the street hawker); but if you sell yourself much more along with the product, you'll make a committed/loyal customer.

2.                  BRAND PRODUCT:
Every organisation or individual MUST have a brand product. Many organisations have numerous products and services they offer but many have never pointed out their signature brand to the world or their main brand product. I often say DHL does a lot of things but they are mainly known for courier services. That's their brand product. I have made the mistake of going to FED EX with a package telling them to help me DHL it. That's an insult to FED EX. I was simply meant to ask them to courier it. FED EX is a brand, DHL is also a brand but DHL seems to have taken over courier services. If your business, organisation, church, group or personal brand does not have a brand product, it'll simply be a matter of time before it gradually phases out. Picture this.. Skye bank (APG's); UBA (Salary accounts/retail), Living Faith (Faith), House on the Rock (Excellence); Christ Embassy (soul winning); AJ's (Pizza), Chopstix restaurant (Shrimp spring rolls).
Even Jesus had a brand product amongst the numerous products. It was called Salvation. (being Born Again). Pop Quiz... What exactly are you known for?

3.                  BRAND AMBASSADORS:
Brand ambassadors could be internal or external. Nonetheless, they are a life line. Jesus went after brand ambassadors called disciples. They were not idle people but busy people who already had some form of customer base/clientele/network who could be reached out to. Picture today's celebrity ambassadors, they are picked cos of their network/fan base/impact...When hiring, organisations often want to know what you can bring to the table. They want to know the network you have to help grow their customer base. They want to know the added skill you have. Most organisations prefer experienced staff who were previously engaged in work. If they do take greenhorns, they want to know their worth through their network or value added service. Brand ambassadors could be your colleagues/staff. It's a waste of time hiring those that won't fight for/stand for and boast about your corporate vision and mission.

4.                  TRAININGS:
Every organisation has different classes of staff. Jesus had the disciples and he also had the multitudes that followed him. Jesus preached to the multitudes but went on teaching the disciples. When storms started, the multitudes took off, the disciples though scattered at first, stood their ground…Preaching excites, Teaching grooms. Don't just tell employees and colleagues what you feel they should hear, spend quality time investing in them by training them. It's all to your benefit. Well trained people replicate themselves. Jesus spent time training his disciples.

The test of an authentic brand is in passionate dominance. This means people are passionately moved towards your product/service via their eye gates, ear gates, mouth gate or heart gate. Not via corporate war, Mafia manager tactics, violence, image misrepresentation etc. Jesus started with 12 disciples, now there are billions. Bill Gates has billions using his product, Steve Jobs dominated the world with his inventions and sales technique, Mandela captured the world with his personal brand and the way he sold a one-time dying South African economy to the world. Never be satisfied with being local with your product. Efficient and legendary salesmen don't boast about a particular customer base. They brag about their increased customer base. There are always new grounds to take over.

6.                  NEVER BEG:
When you have something to offer, you don't beg people to accept it, you show them reasons why they'll not make as much income without it. Jesus didn't beg. He showed reasons why the Father needed us all and why we also needed the Father. Bankers, begging for deposit may temporarily give you a relief but will permanently dent your image. Business men, begging investors won't bring investment (they'll run), Music artistes begging for sponsors won't bring sponsors. Have you ever given a beggar N5, 000? Most times, you avail N50, N100, N200, N500
For those engaged in Network Marketing, the reason why many of us don't bother joining is because you beg us. We've envisaged that if we do join, that's how we'll probably beg others too. Put some swag in it if you believe in it like you say.

7.                  CONFIDENCE:
Jesus said "l am the bread of life", "I am the true vine", "Before Abraham, I am", "Come to me and I will make you fishers of men". People love to follow true leaders. Sales men ought to be leaders. Everyone on earth is a salesman. When I hear someone say he hates sales and marketing, I understand that he knows little about his own composition. Every Tom Dick and Harry on earth is selling something. Even "things" are selling…You SOLD yourself/attitude/looks to get a husband or wife; the Pastor/Imam is selling the Gospel/Islam; the green leaves on a tree are selling the idea called "productivity" to us, the blazing sun is selling the idea called "heat" to us; The aroma of food from a restaurant is selling itself to us. So everyone sells; from the MD to the Janitor. Human beings often act funny by buying into confidence. Many always want someone they can follow. Humans like playing it safe. At least, if the leader goes into a ditch, they'll know they ought to stop before they go into the ditch as well....lol. Napoleon ruled because of confidence; Hitler got followers because of confidence; Atila the Hun did same; so did Mussolini, Chelsea Coach is regarded as an icon in his field because of his confidence. Obasanjo may not have had many cheerleaders but many followed and respected his confidence. In fact, that gave us international recognition. While many other Presidents feel it’s a privilege having the US President in our country, he looked at it as an honour well deserved for a mutually benefiting relationship. In fact, he patted such Presidents on the back calling them "aburo" (younger one)

Competition may not like you but they secretly use you as topics for board room discussions. Jesus, being focused in his assignment didn't have time to start thinking about his opposition who came against him with their own religious beliefs, laws etc. They planned against him but he had no time to think about them. He was focused on his assignment. NITEL started dying a painful death when it started looking at competition like MTN, ECONET. HITv made a slight mistake by always trying to be ahead of Dstv. It's foolishness when a sitting governor who hasn't done two years of his four-year tenure; starts looking for ways to battle or cut down someone aspiring for the seat.

9.                  COMPLIMENT:
You've got to make that sale, look out for positive things that do not look like mere flattery. In the world of sales, it comes down to P. Diddy's words. It's all about the 'Benjamins.'
Even Jesus, looked at angry Nathaniel who was coming towards him to give him a piece of his mind when Philip told him he had found the messiah. Nathaniel was tired of hearing such things. However, Jesus disarmed Nathaniel with a compliment and won him over…Awesome sales man! He said to Nathaniel "You Israelite without Guile". Simply put in “Naija English” (You too correct. You be correct righteous guy). When selling, don't just focus on your product, focus of your client, showcase yourself and then unveil your product.

10.              NETWORK:
When Philip heard about this man called Jesus and the services he offered, he networked Nathaniel. They all kept networking themselves. Hey, if your sales language is that good, referral marketing will get you all you need. Clients will refer and connect themselves to you. That way, you would have built a customer base or clientele. Efficient sales starts off with you but is mainly taken over by your customers.

11.              FIRING and REHIRING:
Funny how people keep firing and rehiring. Weeks ago, a lady called me to her office for restructuring. Her statement to me was she doesn't waste time in firing. She had just fired some workers that very day. In fact, her bankers say they keep seeing different staff all the time. Constant firing and rehiring shows poor leadership development skills from management. Some say they are downsizing but from records, you find out they rehire afterwards for such positions. Jesus didn't bother firing Judas from his team. Neither did he bother firing Peter simply because he anticipated what Peter would do. He still spent his time training. However, Judas was still a 'messed up' employee, the training didn't change much in him...that's probably when to fire. After necessary steps have been taken to build staff, costs have been incurred and he's not covering up such costs incurred or at least showing signs of improvement

12.              FOCUS:
Jesus sold 1 major thing: SALVATION. However, he knew how to brand and rebrand other products (healing etc) to suit each customer he met. Though, his main known brand was salvation, Some that needed healing were given the healing product/service; People that needed a miracle to feed got that product too. He only brought out sub products after meeting with people with such needs. Sales man/woman, don't just try selling everything there is. Today, it’s pure water biz, tomorrow recharge card, next you have a telecoms idea, next day, there's a property in Maitama you want to sell; three days later, there's a crude oil deal worth billions yet you've not built the capacity and network for that. Let them know you for one thing and respect you for that. However, as doors open to people for other things, let them know your main focus first although you have knowledge and interest in their field. You must have a main focus and foundation as a sales man. Remember, everyone on earth is a salesman or woman.

To me, Jesus was a don in sales. This may upset some people's religious thesis and mindset but life is all about sales.

See you in the world of selling. Let's hope people buy from you whatever it is you are offering.

David Ropo Lawale
BB: 239015A6

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