Sunday, February 15, 2015

Testimony Time | Faithful God

I primarily want to testify about God’s goodness in my life through this writ. 

He has used events and people to be a blessing; some from as far back as my childhood and others in recent years.

I’ll imagine I’m on stage before a large congregation with an allotted time to speak so I’ll try to make this quick…

15 And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.
-          Jeremiah 3:15 (KJV)

I’m grateful to God that the scripture above is true in my life. While the list of people that have proved it so is too long to dare enumerate, I think the list starts with my father; Prof. Titus Ade Martins. He gave me (with more action than words) a good “first impression” as it were, of who a pastor should be. God bless you daddy. I love you.

One thing about him that blesses me is the value he places on the Word. People would come to him to pray and he would give them "take-away scriptures". He believes more or less in a “do-it-yourself” approach to breakthrough.

Speaking of DIY, I bless the day I walked into House on the Rock - the Refuge, Abuja and especially when I came under the leadership of Pastor GoodHeart O. Ekwueme. I believe genuine men of God point you to God and not to themselves; they desire spiritual maturity for every member of their fold. He's one of such.

During one of his messages several months ago, he said “fight an ant like it’s an elephant and the elephant won’t come”…I believe it was a Healing and Restoration Service…those words stuck with me. Early this year, he made another statement “three days is not too much to invest in settling issues once and for all from the Word of God”. Those words also made an impression in my heart.

On another service day, his wife, Pastor Bimbo Ekwueme preached a fiery message (as usual) and she said afterwards that we should evoke the power of the Blood of Jesus over the nation Nigeria and ourselves. (PGH calls her a "spiritual ninja" and I think that’s putting it mildly).

Before I say the testimony, let me quickly chip in something he said during the second service today – Leadership Master Class, that also lends credence to the testimony:

28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.
-          Matthew 11:30 (KJV)

In allusion to the words of Jesus above, PGH said “even though the yoke is easier, it’s a yoke. Even though the burden is light, it’s a burden. It’s a yoke to rise up at 12:00am to study and pray. It’s a burden to rise up at 4:00am to study and pray when others are enjoying early morning sweet sleep...but, it’s a yoke that is easier to bear than sickness and disease…”

Now, to the testimony:

Sometime last year, I noticed a mole on my scalp and I initially ignored it because it wasn’t painful but after some time, I just decided that it was too annoying to remain there so although I tried peeling it off (really, that grimace doesn’t suit your face. Lol.) it would come back…talk about a pet peeve!

With a back drop of all I’ve mentioned earlier, I decided I would take the Communion this month and speak the Word until I saw a difference. I anointed it with oil a few times and addressed it mentioning every other thing in my system that didn’t feel like it was functioning the way God made it (especially symptoms of malaria that made me always fatigued.

On the 10th of this month, although I had dreamt and seen someone that seemed to be my dad, laying hands on my back, chest and stomach as though I was on a healing line; it was when I was driving to work that I got a witness in my spirit that it was settled; I was healed and restored! I later discovered the mole had disappeared! I felt different in my body and my spirit was delighted!

As a sort of confirmation, I was in the salon yesterday and a man walked in and was glad to announce to the barber - Mr. Kelechi, that he had seen a dermatologist, taken medication and now the growth (I assume it was also a mole) was going away. Almost immediately, I asked Kelly if he could see the one that used to be on my head and he said “no” (he would know because the last time I came there, barely three weeks ago, it obstructed the clipper and I bled).

I also asked my wife today if she could see it and after looking for a while, she asked “where was it again?”…point made! All she could see were the waves (yeah, they’re natural!) on a smooth scalp.

This is one of many testimonies I have of God’s faithfulness and sometimes sheer mercy (like when I would wake up during those times I was feeling weak in my body to discover I wasn’t home yet…I was still driving and somehow, I made the bend without being bent!).

I want to quickly add another testimony on behalf of my eldest sister but before then, let me say two things:

First, I purposed to read through the Bible in one year but didn’t want to start in January lest it goes the way of other “resolutions” that people make so, I began on the 1st of November 2014 using the "Genres" Bible Reading Plan (literature) Style and I can’t explain it but it’s doing something to my spirit. I also received wisdom to read it out loud to my own hearing (Psalm 62:11, Romans 10:17). Now, why am I saying this? Thanks for asking. That’s the second thing I wanted to say; I saw the picture below yesterday and it made a huge difference in my outlook to the Word and the reading exercise I've been doing…

I hope your question is answered...

Now, to the testimony on behalf of my eldest sister:
On the 3rd of January, she was involved in a terrible car accident and she came out with nothing missing, nothing broken. She got to the park and on three occasions, where she wanted to seat was taken; first the front seat, then the ones by the door. She ended up sitting in between the people at the back of the car who seemed to later become her “shock absorbers”. She came out of the car through the rear and crossed to the other side of the road to pick another car to continue her journey. That was when she noticed the state of the car and was shocked at the thought that she might not have survived the accident. She took a picture of the car before continuing the journey. She also got her luggage intact (some people's belongings were stolen by some "finder's keepers" around).

I thank God for her life, mine and most especially yours; that you are reading this, it means God has been faithful to you too. By the way, there she is in the picture below in a service recently...she traveled again after that service!

In case you are expecting some good news and it is delaying, please note that the fact that you've not heard bad news instead, is good news on its own.

I think my time is up. Perhaps you also want to share something unique God has done for you. If you would, please write your testimony as a comment below; you never know, someone may be encouraged by your testimony.

God bless you.



  1. This can only be the doing of the Great God! Thank God for these awesome testimonies. God is definately in the neighborhood. I will testify soon!

  2. Blessed be God who daily loads us with great benefits,mercies and love!

  3. This has so blessed me. One thing i testify of today (amongst so many others) is the fact that i am maturing spiritually under Pastor GH and Bimbo's teachings. Gods word is indeed real and powerful. Thanks for sharing this Bayor.

    tonia momodu

  4. thanks for sharing bro bayo.thank God for wonderful biological and spiritual parents.Bless God for your estimonies and that of your sister.It can only get better with time.May God maintain,retain and sustain what He has ordained in your life.Blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Busari,Hassan AdekolaFebruary 22, 2015 at 4:38 PM

    I am happy for you. May God guide you to the Straight Way. - Busari, Hassan.