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Confident people get into action and respond to the problem before giving themselves time to dwell or worry too much.

The more that we are able to achieve, the more self-confident we become and the more self-confident we become, the more that we are able to achieve.

Personal confidence and motivation create improved job satisfaction and an improved work environment among other things.

Confidence is not arrogance. The arrogant person is usually actually an insecure person and their arrogance is a way of hiding their insecurity.  Where an arrogant person is boastful, a confident person has no need to boast; they know that their achievements speak for themselves. Where an arrogant person will have trouble admitting they were wrong, a confident person is perfectly willing to admit when they are wrong; they know that their admission doesn't diminish the value of their abilities. If an arrogant person tends to focus on looking good or appearing to be the best, a confident person focuses on being the best and doing the best.

Motivation is the description of a person's motive to action. Those highly motivated to achieve things in their lives are likely to be more fulfilled as they accomplish those things that are important to them in their lives.

Self-confidence: The belief that a person has in their ability to succeed at a task based on whether or not they have been able to perform the task in the past.

Two aspects of self-confidence:
Competence: whether or not you posses the needed skills to achieve something.
Self-assurance: whether or not you believe you have the ability to achieve it.
10 Tips To Improve Self-Confidence Instantly

1. Dress Up: when you feel that you look your best, you are more likely to carry yourself with more confidence.

2. Step Up The Pace: Walk about 25% faster than you normally would with your head up and your energy flowing. You will start to feel more important and more confident.

3. Watch Your Posture: practice good posture to feel more alert, more confident and more powerful.

4. Personal Advertisement: this is your personal pep talk; a one minute or less speech that you write about yourself highlighting all your strengths and abilities so that you can refer to it whenever you need a confidence boost.

5. Practice Gratitude: write down at least five things every day that you are grateful for and you'll be training yourself to stay focused on the positive in your life and about yourself.

6. Pay People Compliments: try to disengage from the negative influence of gossip and focus on the positive in people by paying them compliments.

7. Sit Up Front: sit in the front row to practice allaying fears of being noticed by other people and to start feeling more confident.

8. Speak Up: make it a game with yourself – decide to speak up at least one time in every group discussion that you’re in. We usually amplify the fear of speaking in front of others in our own mind – particularly because most other people are likely dealing with the same fear.

9. Exercise: this not only relieves stress but achieving your physical fitness goals is an excellent way to feel better about your abilities.

10. Focus on Contributing: when you shift your focus to what you give instead of what you get or how you are perceived, you will stop worrying so much about yourself. Focusing on what you contribute will help to boost your confidence.

Culled from Personal Confidence & Motivation 1st Edition © 2014 MTD Training &

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