Friday, February 14, 2020


“Please can you help me with some water Sweetie?”

I gladly replied “Okay Dad” and was on my way to the kitchen to get the water. Knowing Dad’s love for juices, I figured I might as well get some fruit juice from the fridge onto the kitchen sink in case I would be making a trip back for it. I was about picking the tray when Mom walked in and teased me; “I think I know the person responsible for that smile on your face”. She said this with a mischievous look on her face. I giggled and gestured to remind her I was carrying glassware. She suggested I hint Dad about his breakfast on the dining table and take the fruit juice there as well. The dining table was on the way to the kitchen so I paused to feel the warmth of the food flask and overheard him replying a question I guess Dad had asked him. I found myself pausing to listen in on the conversation. One thing among others that attracted me to him was his wisdom.

It seems Dad had asked him something about marriage because I overheard him saying:

…It’s instructive to me that he called her “bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh” I understand that to mean Structure and Beauty.

A man that has no structure or strategy for his life should not bother bringing a woman on board; one cannot drive behind a parked car. This also says something about the woman; she’s also got to have her structure which should be able to fit into that of the man. There’s no submission without a mission.

Like flesh on bones, the beauty and glory of a man’s life sits well on a good structure. When the man is secure in who he is, he gives the woman space to function in her place. If the woman has worked on herself, she has an identity and will be a brand to reckon with. She won’t be looking for a “testimony” while she is still a “prayer point”...and this goes both ways. Two are better than one; the miracle of the marriage union is when both man and wife are “whole” – two halves will still make a half in this equation…

Dad laughed at his illustrations and hearing Dad's voice sort of reminded my hands to feel the weight of the water I was sent to get. I went in to place the tray near Dad and left almost immediately to my “listening spot” to hear more of what he would say.

Just about then, Mom came from the kitchen asking if I had told Dad of his breakfast. Dad must have heard Mom asking me seeing they they both stood up to come over to the dining table.

I made my way to the kitchen unknown to me that my girlish smile was more glaring and Mom teased me the more...

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