Friday, February 26, 2021

TREE TALK | FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26th, 2021 | #JustALine


I sought shade under a tree the other day,

With psithurism and sway, it seemed to say.

"If you want people to rest in your shadow,

Be sure your roots are not shallow.

Not everyone relishing your fruits,

Admire the contortion of your roots.

Knowledge will cause you to grow,

When you take action on what you know."

- 'Bayor

May this 9th week of 2021, be the start of more productive and fruitful weeks this year!

Blessings Sis!

Speaking of trees, seen my linktree yet?

It's got some "delicious fruits" 🍎 including Week 9's 🔺 #REDChallenge ‼️

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