Monday, December 10, 2012


Debby (Bukola aka Precious1), my younger sister became a mother on Sat. 8th Dec to a handsome dude and we were still celebrating the breakthrough over delayed childbearing (more than a decade) in the lives of the women of the Martins family when the news came that Princess (Funmi), my immediate elder sister also became a mother to a fine gentleman in the early hours of Sun. 9th Dec 2012...(Most folks didn't even know she was pregnant...true to her name; Elizabeth)

Two boys - Valiant Men - delivered naturally in 2 of the 31 days in this miracle-filled "Double-Portion" December 2012.
The most interesting part is that God only starts what He has finished because He's the Alpha and Omega/Author and Finisher so the seeming delay in childbirth or marriage in the Martins family is a thing of the past.

We thank God because we are now more than sure that my chubby twin sister; Juliet Ade-Martins-Micheal Fanwo, is a Mother of Twins and we bless God also for one of the strongest African Women of Virtue & Faith I know, Martina Aderonke-Martins-Tunji Fatogun (Fruitful Vine), another Mother of Twins.

We thank God for those that prayed sincerely...God Bless You!
We thank God for those that prayed not so sincerely...God Bless You!
We thank God for those that spoke in care and true sincerity...God Bless You - you were sent to us after being on your knees before God!
We thank God for those that made snide remarks about the God we serve and the validity of His Call on the life of Daddy T. Ade Martins...God Bless You - you sent us to our knees before God!

To the eyes reading this message...

May God indeed do for you, what ONLY GOD can do BEFORE Jan 1, 2013!
May God's Christmas and New Year gift to you shock and make the world FEAR the GOD You serve!

May God do a Miracle for you that you'll not know HOW to Say "Thank You" to him again after saying it a million times over!

When God steps in, He doesn't take sides, He takes over and when He takes over, game over!


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  1. Uuuuuhm great piece.Ever faithful!Ever sure!