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#22MinuteChallenge | Bible Project Reading Plan | Day 064 | The Wilderness | Deuteronomy 32 – 34, Psalm 64

#22MinuteChallenge | Bible Project Reading Plan

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Overview: Deuteronomy

Day 064 | The Wilderness

Deuteronomy 32 – 34, Psalm 64

Source: Bible Project Reading Plan

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  1. I will proclaim the name of the Lord. Give our God the greatness he deserves! He is a rock. What he does is perfect. All his ways are fair. He is a faithful God, who does no wrong. He is honorable and reliable.
    Deuteronomy 32:3‭-‬4 GW

  2. See, I am the only God. There are no others. I kill, and I make alive. I wound, and I heal, and no one can rescue you from my power.
    Deuteronomy 32:39 GW

  3. Don’t think these words are idle talk. They are your life! By these words you will be able to live for a long time in the land that you are going to take possession of when you cross the Jordan River.”
    Deuteronomy 32:47 GW

  4. “May the tribe of Reuben live and not die out, though their people are few in number.”
    Deuteronomy 33:6 GW

  5. Lord, bless them with strength and be pleased with the work they do. Break the backs of those who attack them and hate them so that they can never get up again.”
    Deuteronomy 33:11 GW

  6. About the tribes of Joseph he said, “May the Lord bless their land with ⌞water,⌟ the best gift heaven can send, with dew and deep springs below the ground. May the Lord bless their land with crops, the best gift the sun can give, the best produce of each month, the finest fruits from the oldest mountains, the best from the ancient hills, and the most plentiful crops of the earth. May the Lord bless their land with the favor of the one who was in the burning bush. May these blessings come to the tribes of Joseph. May they crown the people who are like princes in Israel. They will be as majestic as a firstborn bull. Their horns will be like the horns of a wild ox. They will use them to push away nations including those at the ends of the earth. The tens of thousands from the tribe of Ephraim and the thousands from the tribe of Manasseh will be like this.”
    Deuteronomy 33:13‭-‬17 GW

  7. About the tribe of Gad he said, “Blessed is the one who gives the people of Gad more land. They wait there like a lion. They can tear off an arm or a head. They chose the best land for themselves. Indeed, a commander’s piece of land was reserved for them. They were leaders of the people and did for Israel what the Lord considers fair and honorable.”
    Deuteronomy 33:20‭-‬21 GW

  8. “There’s no one like your God, Jeshurun! He rides through the heavens to help you. In majesty he rides through the clouds. The eternal God is your shelter, and his everlasting arms support you. He will force your enemies out of your way and tell you to destroy them.
    Deuteronomy 33:26‭-‬27 GW

  9. You are blessed, Israel! Who is like you, a nation saved by the Lord? He is a shield that helps you and a sword that wins your victories. Your enemies will come crawling to you, and you will stomp on their backs.”
    Deuteronomy 33:29 GW

  10. Moses was 120 years old when he died. His eyesight never became poor, and he never lost his physical strength.
    Deuteronomy 34:7 GW

  11. Joshua, son of Nun, was filled with the Spirit of wisdom, because Moses had laid his hands on him. The Israelites obeyed him and did what the Lord had commanded through Moses.
    Deuteronomy 34:9 GW

  12. Moses used his mighty hand to do all the spectacular and awe-inspiring deeds that were seen by all the Israelites.
    Deuteronomy 34:12 GW

  13. They sharpen their tongues like swords. They aim bitter words like arrows to shoot at innocent people from their hiding places. They shoot at them suddenly, without any fear.
    Psalms 64:3‭-‬4 GW

  14. But God will shoot them with an arrow. Suddenly, they will be struck dead. They will trip over their own tongues. Everyone who sees them will shake his head. Everyone will be afraid and conclude, “This is an act of God!” They will learn from what he has done.
    Psalms 64:7‭-‬9 GW

  15. Righteous people will find joy in the Lord and take refuge in him. Everyone whose motives are decent will be able to brag.
    Psalms 64:10 GW