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#22MinuteChallenge | Bible Project Reading Plan | Day 088 | Rise and Fall of Israel’s Kingdom | 2 Samuel 4 – 8, Psalm 88

#22MinuteChallenge | Bible Project Reading Plan

Day 088 | Rise and Fall of Israel’s Kingdom

2 Samuel 4 – 8, Psalm 88

Source: Bible Project Reading Plan

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  1. “Even in the past when Saul ruled us, you were the one who led Israel in battle. The Lord has said to you, ‘You will be shepherd of my people Israel, the leader of Israel.’ ”
    2 Samuel 5:2 GW

  2. David was 30 years old when he became king, and he ruled for 40 years.
    2 Samuel 5:4 GW

  3. David continued to grow more powerful because the Lord God of Armies was with him.
    2 Samuel 5:10 GW

  4. Then King Hiram of Tyre sent messengers to David, along with cedarwood, carpenters, and stonemasons. They built a palace for David. So David realized that the Lord had established him as king of Israel and made his kingship famous for the sake of Israel, the Lord’s people.
    2 Samuel 5:11‭-‬12 GW

  5. David asked the Lord, “Should I attack the Philistines? Will you hand them over to me?” The Lord answered David, “Attack! I will certainly hand the Philistines over to you.”
    2 Samuel 5:19 GW

  6. David asked the Lord, and he answered, “Don’t attack now, but circle around behind them, and come at them in front of the balsam trees. When you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the balsam trees, act immediately because the Lord has gone ahead of you to defeat the Philistine army.” David did as the Lord ordered him and defeated the Philistines from Geba to Gezer.
    2 Samuel 5:23‭-‬25 GW

  7. The Lord became angry with Uzzah, so God killed him there for his lack of respect. He died beside the ark of God.
    2 Samuel 6:7 GW

  8. The ark of the Lord stayed at the home of Obed Edom from Gath for three months, and the Lord blessed Obed Edom and his whole family.
    2 Samuel 6:11 GW

  9. King David was told, “The Lord has blessed Obed Edom’s home and everything he owns because of the ark of God.” Then David joyfully went to get the ark of God from Obed Edom’s house and bring it to the City of David.
    2 Samuel 6:12 GW

  10. Wearing a linen ephod, David danced in the Lord’s presence with all his might. He and the entire nation of Israel brought the ark of the Lord with shouts of joy and the sounding of rams’ horns.
    2 Samuel 6:14‭-‬15 GW

  11. David answered Michal, “⌞I didn’t dance in front of the slave girls but⌟ in front of the Lord. He chose me rather than your father or anyone in your father’s house, and he appointed me leader of Israel, the Lord’s people. I will celebrate in the Lord’s presence,
    2 Samuel 6:21 GW

  12. While King David was living in his house, the Lord gave him peace with all his enemies around him.
    2 Samuel 7:1 GW

  13. ever since I appointed judges to rule my people Israel. So I will give you peace with all your enemies. I, the Lord, tell you that I will make a house for you.
    2 Samuel 7:11 GW

  14. “ ‘When the time comes for you to lie down in death with your ancestors, I will send one of your descendants, ⌞one⌟ who will come from you. I will establish his kingdom. He will build a house for my name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever.
    2 Samuel 7:12‭-‬13 GW

  15. Your royal house will remain in my presence forever. Your throne will be established forever.’ ”
    2 Samuel 7:16 GW

  16. “Now, Lord God, keep the promise you made to me and my house forever. Do as you promised. Your name will be respected forever when ⌞people⌟ say, ‘The Lord of Armies is God over Israel.’ And the house of your servant David will be established in your presence.
    2 Samuel 7:25‭-‬26 GW

  17. “Almighty Lord, you are God, and your words are trustworthy. You promised me this good thing. Now, please bless my house so that it may continue in your presence forever. Indeed, you, Almighty Lord, have promised it. With your blessing my house will be blessed forever.”
    2 Samuel 7:28‭-‬29 GW

  18. So David ruled all Israel. He did what was fair and right for all his people.
    2 Samuel 8:15 GW