Sunday, June 16, 2013

MY FATHER IS A CHRISTIAN By Pelumi Kekyawa Ayodele

"The righteous man walks in his integrity; His children are blessed after him." Proverbs 20:7


He leads our household well;
With instruction from the Bible,
Right behaviour he'll compel.

Yet he steers us with compassion;
His gentle love is true:
He conforms to our Lord Jesus
He knows just what to do.

He teaches us with purpose,
Guides us in all Godly ways,
So we will take the right path,
And serve our lord with praise.

I'm glad you're a Christian, Dad
You help me see things clearly.
I'll look up to you,
And love you very dearly.


Dad, if all the fathers
Had lined up one by one,
And God told me to pick,
I'd still choose to be your daughter

I'm proud to have a father
Who's there through thick and thin
Who teaches me and sets fair rules
Without unfair demands

You've been a constant companion
Throughout my life's journey
Even when I didn't understand your ways
You stayed true to your promise

I am who/what I am today
Because you believed in me
You encouraged and stood by me
And loved me every step of the way

My greatest cheerleader you are
Always at the finishing line to welcome me
So dad, if I could pick again,
You know I'd still pick you!

Happy Father's day Popsie mi #Salewa's voice :D :*

(From a Facebook post by Pelumi Kekyawa Ayodele)

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