Saturday, June 8, 2013

Commanded Blessings of the Command Edition

Great One,

For every single seed of Time, Finances, Prayers, Resources and Graces you've put into making JAM MegaFest 2013; Command Edition, such a Huge success;

May your life begin to show forth fruits that the world will testify of that "this can only be God"

May you move forward in Mega Leaps and Bounds in and on all ramifications of your life and brand.

May festivities filled with joyful mirth be the hallmark of your times in this season and especially before the next episode of JAM Mega Fest at the National Stadium.

May the Fast Track Mandate of 2013 be for you, not just an expression in words but an experience in wealth, wisdom and works of noble worth.

May the commanded blessings of working hand in hand with fellow workers, be yours much more profusely so as to enable you to be a "joint that supplieth" in the very sense of the word.

May the previous edition of testimonies in your life be the least in the tomes of mind boggling testimonies about to ensue from your life by virtue of your service to His Majesty, the King!

It goes without saying that I'm honored to be on such a prestigious team of Kingdom Stewards.

God bless you...and that's an understatement!


I’m quite sure you have a testimony. Here’s one of mine: 
I came into the service with my nose thinking it was “Usain Bolts”. I kept sneezing and sniffing whilst thinking to myself why I didn't come with a jacket or something to keep me warm.
Well, by the time we were going home, my “senior colleague” on the winds - Abraham (aka AB Sax, very skillful and spiritually loaded man he is) brought to my awareness the fact that I was healed. I must have been too engrossed to notice when the ailment left.
Well, there you have it. That’s my testimony. I'm eager to hear yours here. Please leave a comment.
Also, please if you have pictures of the event especially those of the setup, event and after-event that you took on your phone or other devices, pleeeeease do share by sending to I’ll be more than delighted to upload them on this post citing the source.

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