Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Who wants to be a "Jojo" | JAM Mega Festival 2013

I love animated movies! Among other things, I see them as a wonderful portrayal of the limitless creative possibilities of the human mind. On a long list of such films is Dr. Seuss'Horton Hears a Who!

I learnt quite a lot from that film including persistence, perseverance and above all, the power of just one person in making a world of difference.

To know about the film in more detail, please click here but kindly permit me to draw a parallel from the last point mentioned above - one person making a difference.

In my opinion, besides Horton, one person that made a difference in the film was Jojo who helped to save an entire city by merely making a definite sound - the one that mattered. If you've watched the film, you’ll remember that although everyone else was shouting “we are here”, it was when he ran up to the highest tower to yell “YOPP!” through the horn used to project Horton’s voice, that the collective sound of the city was able to break through the sound barrier and “pierce the skies” so that the Kangaroo's son, Rudy, on hearing the sound, could grab the clover just before the speck hit the pot of boiling beezelnut oil. The speck was going to be destroyed because The Sour Kangaroo had incited the animals of Nool against Horton’s act of "making up stories about people on specks”.

Now, while the previous paragraph may not make much sense to those who haven’t seen the film, the point I’m trying to make is that every individual has a voice, and that voice is recognized in the spirit realm. Words are seeds and when spoken, they go into the future to wait for us as fruits of the tree that grew from the seed of the words we spoke into the atmosphere. Whilst it is easier to say what we see and accept the status quo, it takes a people of vision to say what they are yet to see physically but are persuaded exist spiritually.

I live in Nigeria and to say that my beloved nation is blessed, is a gross understatement. The fact that things are not quite the way they should be yet, informs us that there is, as it were, a thick cloud of resistance, shading us from the radiant reality of our true destiny as a nation. Now, just imagine what would happen if like the inhabitants of the city of Whoville, we all speak positive words over this nation and embarked on corresponding actions geared towards her growth. I am sure we’ll begin to see the Nigeria of our dreams unfold slowly but surely. It should be that we all would seek the unity, peace and progress of this nation not because we are of a particular tribe or religious belief but merely because we are Nigerians.

At most government functions, national gatherings and even in our schools, we sing the Nigeria National Anthem with a seeming sense of formality but sometimes without really taking to heart the power of the words we’re speaking. I’m sure great things will happen if every time we sing or speak the words of both stanzas of the Nigeria National Anthem (especially the second verse) at national gatherings, we were of one heart and purpose toward the good of this nation. Speaking of national gatherings, have you heard about JAM Mega Festival? No? You may please click here for a full detail of the event but just so you know, it is without doubt one of many such events in this great nation Nigeria that affords every Nigerian an opportunity to release positive words and energy into the atmosphere concerning the destiny and future of this nation Nigeria. Please view the ad after the cut.

JAM Mega Festival is a National Praise Festival and JAM is an acronym that stands for ‘Jesus And Me’. The event has a three-point vision.
1.  Raise Praise and Worship to our God for preserving, protecting and providing for Nigeria.
2. Raise Prayers for the nation, Nigeria.
3. To champion a national relevant, positive nation building theme every year!

JAM is an all night musical event that attracts gospel musicians at the forefront of gospel music in Nigeria and beyond. This year’s edition, tagged “Nigeria: Arise and Shine” will be from 8pm till dawn this Friday, 07th June 2013 live @ The Citadel and Towers; James Wolfensohn Drive, Right Turn before the City Gate when coming into Abuja from the Airport.

I believe that with these outstanding musicians and ministers leading exuberant praise and worship, relevant prayer sessions and messages, we would like Jojo, be making a definite and different sound into the atmosphere concerning this nation. While every other citizen in Whoville was saying "we are here", (more like the murmur from the "masses" about the insensitivity of the government), Jojo went up the tower (more like the Citadel and Towers) and made a different sound - "YOPP!" (more like a true Nigerian refusing to complain and murmur about the economy and what's not working and simply taking a stance to "YOPP!" - Yell Out Prophetic Praise!)

Please note that JAM Mega Festival is a free event and you don't need to purchase any ticket to be a part of the festival.

Trust me, you sincerely do NOT want to miss this one. Your voice matters to the destiny of this nation. Not only on that day but at every point in time. Like Horton said, “A person is a person no matter how small”. Pastor GoodHeart says it this way “Everybody can be Somebody”.

Great One, let’s build the future of this nation together. Let’s quit asking and seeking what Nigeria can do for us. Rather, let’s do something for this nation. I believe that joining other citizens of Nigeria this Friday, 7th of June at the Citadel and Towers to speak into the atmosphere is surely a step in the right direction.

You could follow the trend @Jam_MegaFest on Twitter or check out and for more info and the link to the live streaming of the event.

See you there!

Jesus Christ is Lord!


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  1. As always BAYOR, you're on point! God bless you bro

  2. Uuhm! Thnks bayor!I wanna b jojo

  3. I wanna be a Jojo...Infact i am a Jojo.i am breaking all ma old records.

  4. I agree to this dream. i be there
    Moses Y.

  5. Another great prophecy! Thanks a lot brother....I want to be a jojo....I will always make the YOPP sound!

  6. I will like to make the yopp sound too. Thank you so much.

  7. Awesome,awesome Bayor! people neva asked why Americans neva speak ill of their country but rather wud always chorus GOD BLESS AMERICA all d time. we nid to learn n take a quick u-turn frm or negativity even as our situation seems to be d present reality. Thumbs up! u just hit d nail on d head bro.