Monday, June 10, 2013

THE PRODUCT | Inspired By Nathaniel Bassey


(Break All Your Old Records)


Designed And Manufactured To GIVE And To SERVE His Generation By Ministering Before The LORD Using Three Major Creative Art And Scientific Forms Viz; MUSIC, WORDS And I.T. (Information Technology ) Thereby Glorifying Jesus Christ, Establishing HIS Kingdom And Reconciling Men Back To HIM.

Saved (‘Ctrl + S’ed for all of Eternity) - ∞%
R.I.C (Righteousness in Christ) - 100%
DNA (Divine Nature Aggregate) - 100%
Love - 100%
Holy Spirit - 100%
Anointing - 100%
Bitterness - 0%
Strife - 0%
Lust - 0%
Anger a.k.a Folly - 0%
S.O.A.K (Sin Of Any Kind) - 0%
Contains the Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit.
Contains a High Level of Faith and Rhema.

Do not attempt to harm!
Product is Blood Bought, Blood Washed, Blood-Covered, Very Hot and Highly Inflammable.
Product Eats Flesh and Drinks Blood often and with other members of THE Kingdom in a Ceremonial Manner thus making him Immune and ‘Un-jazzable’.
Product is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to Satan and all agents of the dark kingdom. Violation of this warning may result in severe burning and roasting.
Product is allergic to Literature, Music or Videos with sensual or non-edifying content hence the preference for clean smooth jazz, animated movies, ambient music and soul lifting instrumentals among others.
Product is greatly irritated by folk of the opposite gender who do not know the meaning of decency or modesty. He will kill (not just spiritually, but physically if the need arises), any of such idiots that attempts to form ‘Delilah’ around him. Product loves his Wife; Treasure.

Product functions exclusively by God’s Grace and is at His Best in the Presence of God - In a holy and peaceful temperature saturated by Love.
Product is suitable for function at Kingdom events as prescribed by The Spirit.
Product needs to update the software of his Operating System often so will connect to Heaven’s Server via Speaking in Tongues to download and install latest updates and apps. If he ever gets to so speak around you, please don’t think He’s mad, KNOW that he is M.A.D - Making A Difference.
Product functionality and effulgence of unfolding destiny isn’t limited by the confines of human expectations and ideologies. 

Ref. Number: #1st.Cor.2:9
Product Number: #1Pet.2:9
Batch Number: #GEN.1:26-28
Expiry date: Eternity long - Heaven Zone
Sealed by the Holy Ghost
For more details, refer to The Owner’s Manual
Manufactured in Heaven by ELOHIM (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)

(Adapted from a Facebook Status Update of Nathaniel Bassey)

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  1. Man of great words. I pray you will move from glory to glory. God bless you. Man of God. Schatzi D