Monday, July 22, 2013


We often hear that music is not capable enough a career to cater for life's needs. But you know what? there could be nothing farther from the truth than this. Perhaps saying that musicians are not good enough managers of finances like other professionals may make a better argument.

One day I decided to carry out a personal research. I went to the bank, asking for a year's statement of accounts. What I found was staggering. I thought, "if you, Nat, developed enough wisdom and discipline to save just 25% of that income over four years, some of the worries won't be necessary." Sometimes, it's only a wisdom problem we have, that's all.

You see, the way we earn our own money as musicians may just be the reason why we have not developed that discipline or culture of saving. Unlike the regular office worker having a fixed cycle of income, the musician, especially itinerant music ministers, session and studio musicians, have got spontaneity of earnings in income and this could be misleading if not properly managed.

Now, this little savings is NOT what would sort all our life's dreams and visions, definitely not! But with a little more discipline in savings and spending, some frustrations that come with being broke and the inability or incapacity to carry out certain projects would have reduced drastically, while we await those massive breakthroughs that will turn our whole life around.

Personally, I decided to turn this tide. I opened what I called, "A DUMP ACCOUNT", this is strictly for saving funds. After my tithe, offerings, seeds (and believe me, I sow seeds), expenditures, I think it fair to save up some funds (which is very scriptural) for myself. With this, some projects are sorted out without stress, in addition to the support and help that God brings our path, by way of goodwill offerings and sponsorship from friends, families and well wishers.

Maybe you should try this little experiment. You may just be turning your life around. 


Nathaniel Bassey

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