Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dear Music Minister | A Love Letter from Nathaniel Bassey

Hello wonderful music minister, a very happy new month to you.  

First, I want to appreciate God's grace upon your life and commend your labour of love in His kingdom, God bless you.

I understand this ministry involves a lot of sacrifice, which you may have made -  God himself will bless you. As you minister before Him and his people, He will minister to you and all that concerns you.

Secondly, I want to exhort that we live a life of holiness and integrity even in the very secret and private recesses of our lives. Our whole lives must exude worship to the most high. It shouldn't end on stage alone. Our marriages, relationships, music and other life's endeavours must glorify God. Pride, sexual immorality, strife, infidelity must never be heard or seen in us. People believe the testimonies of our lives than they do the songs we sing.

Let us walk in love, preferring the other and encouraging one another. Let us love our spouses, children, friends and people around us.

May divorce and scandals never be heard of us. Let's seek God, chasing hard after him; knowing him in the true sense of the word and not just sing about him by proxy.

Finally, I pray we would not only sing and worship here on earth, but also in heaven before the Lamb of God and in the company of the holy angels and other victorious saints

God bless you.

Nathaniel Bassey.

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