Thursday, July 25, 2013

HELLO MONEY (My one-on-one chat with money) | NATHANIEL BASSEY

HELLO MONEY | (My one-on-one chat with money) | NATHANIEL BASSEY

Dear Money,

I greet you. I need to set somethings straight with you.

While I need you to do a lot of things in life, I want you to know you are not everything. God is everything.

You don't control me. I control you.

I don't serve you. You serve me.

You don't influence my mood, feelings or determine my actions in life. You will not set me at war with friends, family and acquaintances.

I may respect you, but not in awe of you,  I save you but will not hoard or stack you. I give you out but I don't waste you.

I invest you so I can have enough to Invest in God's kingdom, people and accomplish my purpose here on earth and not to brag about, and Idolize you.

I know you have been misunderstood. For instance, some think you are evil but the truth of the matter is you are not. It's the love and attention given to you that breeds evil.

So let it be known that I do not love you. My heart is exclusively for Jesus. Let's just maintain the Master-servant relationship we've always had. When I call, answer. Don't leave my wallet, pocket or account except I ask you to.

So dear money, while you are still relevant here on earth, serve me diligently because I won't be needing your services in heaven.

Talk to you later, bye.

Nathaniel Bassey

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