Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It is now common place to find videos and pictures of young Nigerian ladies stripped, beaten and sexually molested by fellow citizens for stealing phones and other petty things. In regular societies, with sane and normal individuals, such people are handed over to the police for further action.

Remember the 4 young men who were brutally and, even more sickening, wrongly murdered in the most barbaric, hideous and appalling fashion in Aluu community of Rivers state, Nigeria.
One begins to wonder if our society is any different from those of the stone and dark ages, where human beings lived ruthless and vicious lives.


Appropriate laws must be formulated, as well as accompanying enforceable punishments served. Perverted and profane individuals who latch on to such occasions to gratify their dysfunctional sexual appetite as well as primitive persons who pride themselves in dehumanising other citizens, MUST face the full weight the law.

However, it is sad that even the senate, at the moment, is promulgating laws that would only seek to intensify and proliferate sexual immorality and aggression. But we must not recede in our pursuit of moral and sexual chastity, equity and justice.

If our country is to truly develop and live out her potentials as a nation, then the value of the human life and dignity, a part from our faith in God, must be central to our belief system, such that it shapes and guides government policies, plans, actions and interpersonal relations.

Nigeria is not a big Zoo of animals struggling for survival. it should be a country of civilised human beings in pursuit of destiny.

Please forward this to your friends, colleagues, family and fellow citizens until it becomes a major agenda on the socio-political discuss.

 (I got this as a BB Broadcast moments ago and felt to share as requested!)


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