Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Worship Cycle | Nathaniel Bassey

That moment in worship when your heart encounters the reality of His Holiness and majesty.
Your eyes cannot hold it any longer and they give way to the steaming flood of tears gushing out.

Your knees lock into the ground, and your hands reach to the skies, as if to grab on him with a holy desperation. Then something best described as liquid love spreads like a blanket upon your heart. Your whole thought is filled with Him, leaving no room for another. Your mind ceases to wonder and stands in attention.

Your fears and cares fizzle away and his joy and peace settle in.
Suddenly He is no longer a figment of your imagination but a very tangible entity. You read about him, now you're knowing Him. The things you read of him begin to make deep spiritual sense. And as they do, this whole process intensifies the more, and sometimes you feel you're about to explode in divine ecstasy. 

It works out like a cycle, one I call the WORSHIP CYCLE.

You want to remain here forever. You just want to.

As graphic as this appears, this is at best, a poor description of the presence of God. It is indescribable. It is not given to the human mind and mouth to accurately grasp and describe the true essence of an indescribable God.

Beloved, true worship gives us a taste of heaven.
The very presence of Jehovah.

May we know this place daily, in Jesus name.


Nathaniel Bassey

Please watch this short video on worship by Pastor Clint Brown

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