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To me "WOW" means a business is impeccably managed in every aspect.

Over the years I've classified businesses into four general categories:

1. Ouch: Leaders have lost control of their businesses, as well as their personal lives.

2. Ho-hum: doing well enough to keep the owner satisfied but are likely vulnerable to regressing back into the "Ouch" category.

3. Gee-Whiz: generally well managed and doing a lot of things right.

4. WOW: (more to come on this in later chapters)

Being a manager it's actually a profession. It requires training.

Gifting or selling some stock a very strong and reliable employee seems like a great idea but it is a decision that almost always causes future problems.

The biggest single reason why business owners advance to the "Gee-Whiz" category is that they are willing to invest in employees who have the skills required to take them to the next level.

Occasionally, it can actually be the business owner's limited competency and skills that presents the major obstacle to growth.

Most businesses are not in the proactive mode of a professional management system, but prefer to get "quick fix" after "quick fix" in order to survive much like the temporary relief of a cortisone injection.

Chapter Two

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