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The successful man will profit from his mistakes and try again in a different way. - Dale Carnegie

You can never achieve success unless you like what you're doing. - Dale Carnegie

Habits are formed through repetition of action. Studies have shown that what a person repeatedly engages in for a period of 66 days becomes a habit that has been successfully formed. 

Breaking the 66 days into three groups of 22 days each will help in categorizing what exactly you want to achieve and give it a timeline for the proper calculation of success.

The first 22 days are for identifying the new beliefs or new habits you want to form and starting them. The next 22 days are for programming the beliefs, ensuring that you remain consistent and the last 22 days are for reinforcing and maintaining these beliefs. Remember, consistency is key.

For instance, to form a habit of saving, write down a list of things that usually take up a chunk of your money which are not necessarily urgent or needful. By understanding your spending habits, you will be able to track the cause of your lack of extra cash.

Engage in mental activities by giving yourself regular pep talks. Encourage yourself to believe that you can succeed. Imagination, affirmation statements and visualizations of yourself accomplishing your goals, are all mental activities that will help you get to your desired end, which in this case is financial security. 

Be detailed as you exercise your imagination in creative visualizations. You have absolutely nothing to lose when you engage in creative visualization. If you can win the battle in your mind first, winning it in reality will be less daunting.


Making money is only one aspect of financial freedom, knowing how to spend wisely is another facet that is very paramount in the quest for wealth creation.

Budgeting ensures that wealth is sustained and used accordingly and wisely as was initially intended. 

Budgeting eliminates frivolities and impulsive spending; it is a disciplined way of handling financial resources. The issue of budgeting is so important, that nations and economies depend on it for the sustenance, smooth and organized running of their activities and responsibilities towards their citizens.

To create a personal budget, you need to employ the factors of priority and elimination. A table of preference will help you eliminate wants from needs and thus help you spend even better and more effectively. We all have income, and we have expenses and so without proper allocation of money, something may fall short.

As a business owner, you cannot treat budgeting as a triviality because therein lies the secrets to financial success in that business.

The key idea of budgeting is creating an outline for your money that puts you in control so that it does not control you.

Wealth building values, attitudes and habits worth imbibing:

1. Right attitude regarding money and finances

2. Having your assets and ideas make money for you.

3. Paying yourself first by setting aside 10% to 15% of your paycheck in a nest egg.

4. Using the money set aside to invest in assets that appreciate in value.

5. Learn from people who already enjoy long-term financial success.

6. Make a financial plan with specific goals and targets in mind. Create a timeline to realize your plan step by step.

Wealth can provide personal freedom to enjoy a higher quality of life. 

Meet people's needs

When you are blessed with wealth and abundance, give something back in gratitude.

When you take time to help others, God will provide for you. Gratitude for all life has to offer enables you to realize the richness of everyday life and this motivates you to give back to the world. Let compassion and care be cultivated in you.

Helping the person in need sets off a chain reaction. Each person you help passes on the kindness and care to another person. While it is relevant to make deposits into your bank account, it is equally relevant to deposit into people's lives. As often as you can, invest in a person. Meet people at their point of need.

Problem Solver

By becoming a solver, you'll be joining a community of dynamic doers. Anyone can be a problem solver. So, choose a problem that matters to you, and start solving. The mystery with solving problems is that it opens up opportunities for financial rewards. Though it may not be immediate, it always shows up.


Taking out 10% or more from your income and setting it aside every time may seem like a tiny effort but the key to the results that will follow is consistency. Learn to have a personal budget and against all odds endeavor to stick to it.  

It is necessary to put your money to work for you in order to experience increase.

Delayed Gratification

Freedom is not procured by a full enjoyment of what is desired, but by controlling that desire. - Epictetus

Delaying your gratification builds both your self-confidence and your self-discipline. Discipline is like a muscle that must be exercised in order to build its strength.

Seven Wealth Creation Principles

1. The rich don't work for money

A wealthy person works for and towards the big picture of their well thought out plan.

2. You can't build wealth without financial literacy

Commitment to financial literacy is a sign that you are ready to tackle whatever issues may arise as you climb the ladder of wealth.

3. Mind your own business

Wealthy people have always known or discovered along the way that the road to wealth is oftentimes, lonely and laden with criticisms and skepticism, that not withstanding, those who know what they are up and about are usually the ones who turn a blind eye and deaf ears to those diversions.

4. The wealthy don't run from taxes, they learn about tax advantages.

Learning about the benefits of taxation will help you discover how you can make more money from tax breaks knowing that you're not in error with the government.

5. Work to learn, not for money

Have a mindset of sustained success and not just a run of the mill financial reward.

6. Confront the fear and do it anyway

Learning how to master your fears and move on despite them, will guarantee you a fair chance of hitting your target.

7. Learn to overcome obstacles quickly and move forward without looking back.

Develop a bounce-back mechanism that enables you to get back up faster than you used to.

Seven ways to attract more money

1. Give money away

The more you give, the more you will receive. Give openly and freely to wherever you receive spiritual nourishments. Give on a regular basis too. The rule of thumb is to give 10% of whatever you receive, but it's also smart to give more when you feel inspired to do so.

Remember, give to the person, place, or group that has kept your spirit alive. Just ask "where was I most inspired this past week?" And give to that source.

Give money with an open heart and an expectation of return. Give in Love

2. Get clear

Most people push money away with their hidden limiting beliefs.

Getting clear is truly the "Missing Secret" to making the Law of Attraction work for you all the time. It isn't your conscious intentions that are being manifested in your life, it is your unconscious counter-intentions.

3. Take action

Act on your ideas. Now. Money likes speed.

If you don't act now, you'll see your idea manifested in a store some day and somebody else will be attracting money from it.

4. Support a cause

Most people push money away because they don't feel they deserve it. One way around this is to want money for a larger purpose.

Want money for a larger reason than your own ego. This is a beautiful way to attract more money without wanting it only for yourself. Realize that when you're wealthy, you are better able to help family, friends, your community and even the world.

A good reason to attract more money is for all the good it can do for others, not just you.

5. Get support

One of the wisest things you can do to achieve any goal is create or join a mastermind group devoted to it.

The idea is to be around people who can keep your energy and inspiration high. While you can make progress alone, it's so much easier when you have support. This support can also come in the way of audio tapes, books and other learning tools.

6. Be grateful

Be thankful for the money you have - which is probably considered true wealth by people starving in the third world countries - and you will begin to attract more money. Gratitude sends off a signal of appreciation, which brings to you more to be thankful for.

7. Do what you love

Following your passion is the greatest secret of all when it comes to attracting wealth. Ask yourself what you will do even if you were never paid. That's a clue to what you should be doing and of course finding a way to be paid for it. 

Finally, expect success.

The mindset of expectation will keep your brain turned on to seek and find opportunities. 

It takes an entrepreneurial mindset to keep you floating in money. The best way to be financially free is by becoming your own boss and determining your own income.

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