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When your wife's emotions are in the hands of the enemy, everything gets out of rune and the results are unpleasant and upsetting. When God is in charge, her emotions are an asset and the end result is

I'm sure you are already well aware that, your life can be dramatically affected by what your wife experiences in her emotions.

The best way to approach the matter of your wife's emotions is to ask God to give you insight into what your wife is feeling and show you how to pray accordingly.

Much of what happens in a woman's emotions begins in her mind.

When the enemy screams lies and confusion at her, God will use your prayers to put an end to it and bring the silence, clarity, and peace she needs. Your prayers will clear her mind, calm her emotions, help her to see the truth, and make her better able to hear from God.

Emotional healing happens faster within the context of a committed, unconditional love relationship because the hurting person often feels safe enough to face the pain of the past. She doesn't have to try to hold it together, or keep up an image, or pretend there is no hurt.

You are not required to be the healer, or to fix everything, or to have all the answers. Only God can heal damaged emotions, and He will do it from the inside out. But your prayers are crucial to keeping the devil at bay while that is being accomplished.

Praying for your wife can help to fine-tune that priceless instrument God has put in your care. And it will ensure that you'll be enjoying some mighty fine music at your house.

Please pray for your wife that:
1. She will enjoy emotional stability.
2. She will have a clear, strong mind.
3. She will not believe lies about herself.
4. She will feel secure in your love.
5. She will have the joy of the Lord.
6. You will be able to understand her feelings.
7. She will live in peace.

Proverbs 4:23
Psalm 34:22
Romans 12:2
Romans 8:6
Luke 21:19

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