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Money is one of the most sought after and most talked about 'items' across the world.

In most parts of the world, the amount of money you have is proportionate to the way you are respected and responded to.

Making money may start with a desire but does not end there.

Money is not partial, money does not discriminate, money is color blind, money is not racist. Anyone can make or earn as much money he or she desires if they do the right thing. Money can also walk away if you do not respect it. Money is a seed that can be planted, nurtured, watered and can grow into a forest if you apply the correct principles.

The funny thing about money is that it is not taught in schools.

Money is not your certificate from college, your MBA will not make money for you. We need education, but in the 21st century what we will need most are skills, talents, critical thinking, collaboration, and creative skills.

Your money lies within you; your habits, talents, skills, attitudes, passion, hobbies, problem-solving character, providing solutions, meeting people's needs, thinking patterns, mindsets, beliefs, etc.

Money is around you wherever you are, be observant and do some research on how you can use what you see around you to make money. Money can be located in the Sea, under the ground and on earth - you must be sensitive to your environment.

You must have or develop an entrepreneurial mindset in order to command money.

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