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You cannot be wealthy while working as an employee, you have to be entrepreneurial.

Who is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is an innovator; the person who develops a new product, a new market, or a new means of production. - Joseph Schumpeter

An entrepreneur is one who assumes the responsibility and risk for a business operation with the expectation of making a profit.

An advantage to entrepreneurship is the potential increase in income since profits are not shared with anyone but the owner.

Becoming an entrepreneur for the wrong reasons may cut short the expectations of a person who has moved into business.

Debunking Myths about entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur, you do not do what you want but what your customer wants.

If you desire to make really quick money, entrepreneurship is not for you.

Your customers become your boss. Not only will you take orders from them, you will do as they please.

Business owners encounter much more pressure from customers, investors, employees and others.

If you do not have the right reasons for going into business, your chances of succeeding a very low.

Turning what you love into a business venture it's an amazing way to launch into business.

A person who intends to turn a hobby into wealth has to examine his/her various hobbies for one that people will pay for. Discover the hobby you are naturally good at and the market your abilities.

Questions to ask yourself when considering a hobby as a business:

- Will will you still enjoy your hobby when you have to do it to a deadline?

- Will you enjoy doing it when it means that if you don't, you probably won't have a roof over your head?

- are you really committed to this hobby?

- Are you motivated by a challenge?

- can you sell "yourself" or the things you produce?

Examples of hobbies that have wealth creating potential




Beauty industry

Bead making

The Entrepreneur's Mix

Attitude: each of us has available, every single day, the exact same recipe for achieving our goals and dreams. That 'magic' is the awesome power of attitude, and it works in spite of our dreams, our goals, our pasts and even our level of education.

The meaning of things lies not in the things themselves, but in our attitude toward them. - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Negative attitudes towards wealth creation are the single biggest stumbling block in its attainment. To believe anything, even the accumulation of wealth, you must fully believe in yourself or you will never be completely successful. Making money takes focus and determination.

The power of your attitude

You are a simple product of the kind of attitude you have, because this attracts the kind of things that happen to you or how you react to them.

A person's relationship with money is s sure way of knowing the kind of attitude the person has. Since your attitude has a lot to do with what happens to you and how you respond, it is only logical that you consciously imbibe positive attitude towards money. In order to achieve a transformation, your thoughts and attitudes about money most points to the results you want.

Your affirmation statements have the power to generate sufficiency, abundance and inspiration in your life. The key is consistency.

Affirmation statements should be based on the reality you want to create. Devise positive statements about money, making sure they are personal, present tense and accurately describe the new reality you want to create. You could also describe these as confessions. 

For example: 

'money comes to me easily and frequently' 

'I have more than enough money for myself and others.'

'I make lots of money doing what I love to do'

Attitude is everything

According to Dr Dennis Cauvier and Alan Lysaght in their book, The ABC's of making money, the trio of attitude, skills and knowledge determines one's level of prosperity.

Skills can be learned and perfected with time. The third essential factor is knowledge. This is learned through studying and learning, reading etc


Everyone is born with a peculiar gift or endowment, something particular to them which makes them stand out.

Discovering your talents, helps you find a passion for life. Discover what you are best good at and pursuit it.

Skills Needed In The 21st Century

1. Learning skills: 

a. Critical thinking

b. Creative thinking

c. Collaborating

d. Communicating

2. Literacy skills

a. Information literacy

b. Media literacy 

c. Technology literacy

3. Life skills

a. Flexibility

b. Initiative

c. Social skills

d. Productivity

e. Leadership

Business ideas and invention

Real money is an idea. Ideas translate  intangible values into cash. If you do not have value to offer, you do not have money to make.

Building your associations

Meeting people and maintaining relationships is a key way of ensuring that you have the right quota of assistance and help you need when the need arises as you grow in business.

It is very imperative for a personal who wishes to succeed in life, business, career etc to learn to manage relationships.

Learning to reach out to clients; would be clients, friends acquaintances during holidays and all the times like birthdays, anniversaries and even in periods of mourning, cause a long way to show the people in question that you are not just a flash in the pan kind of person.

Great business relationships have a reason from an individual's conscious effort to slowly but surely add brick after brick to the structure of relationships they have around them.

You must definitely meet people everyday and how you treat those people may determine the fall or rising of your chances at success.

Create multiple flows of income: MFI

In addition to your paid job, you should, as a matter of necessity, have another source of income. This is simply because there is no way in the world you will be entirely comfortable by having only one source of income even if you earn so much you cannot finish the wage in a month, there has to be a plan for later when you eventually retire, resign etc

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