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You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you're not passionate enough from the start, you'll never stick it out. - Steve Jobs

If you could do one thing to transform your life, I would highly recommend that you find something you're passionate about, and do it for a living.

Dare to dream, dare to imagine the possibilities, and dare to actually search for what you love because it's need not only be a possibility but a probability.

What is passion?
Passion is the powerful feeling of enthusiasm we all have inside of us.

Why is passion so important?
When we are enthusiastic and proud of the work we do, the better equipped we'll be to overcome the many obstacles that will surely arise in the process of starting a business or moving up in any given career. 
The more enthusiasm we have, the more inclined we are to work harder at improving ourselves.
The better we get at our work, the better we get paid for doing it.

10 reasons why knowing and leaving your passion is important

1. It Builds Confidence
When you're passionate about something you're confident in doing it, and carrying out tasks associated with it.
Passion gives a natural level of confidence to and about the thing it's associated with.

2. You Never Stop Growing
Passion encourages you to learn and gain knowledge in a specific thing.
You never stop growing in your area of passion; you learn and grow because you want to and the desire is there because of your passion.

3. It Delivers Profit
Use your talents and knowledge as gifts to edify and profit. Passion can be a way of life that produces income.

4. It Precedes Happiness
Succeed or fail, when you make an attempt to go after, live in, or work with your passion, happiness is always the end result.

5. You're Being Honest With Yourself
The chase and thrill that comes with your journey is rewarding. If you profit greatly from your passion, the feeling of satisfaction you receive is superior to the amount of profit.

6. The Direction Of Your Life Is Established
You know where you're going, or at least where you want to go. Knowing and following your passion helps you hit your target.

7. Survival
If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything - Alexander Hamilton
Living your passion gives you something to live for.

8. Passion Gives You The Ability To Focus
It gives you purpose and clarity. Passion allows you to narrow your sights on a particular target.

9. Passion Inspires
Passion comes from the Latin word"passio" which means "to suffer". It is so strong that you are willing to suffer to see your passion become a reality. Passion is what you hunger for so intensely that you will sacrifice anything to have it.

10. Passion Is Influential
Passionate people attract attention. When you attract the attention of others, you become an inspiration to them and, therefore, an influence.

Characteristics Of Passionate People
They have a deep sense of purpose and are often selfless in their actions.
Their clear sense of purpose in life seems to lead to attitudes of gratitude, kindness, compassion and selflessness.

They are authentic and real.
Passionate people know themselves. They have a clear sense of their values and beliefs, and they live by them. They also know their strengths and their weaknesses, focus on the things they are good at and enjoy.

They except themselves as imperfect and growing.
Those that are passionate see themselves as growing and changing.
Passionate people allow themselves to be vulnerable, knowing that vulnerability out of being alive - denying it leads to a false sense of self.

They see life as a series of choices and options.
Passionate people see the big picture that life presents.
They think outside the box in creative and innovative ways and they welcome change as part of the process of finding and living new passions.

They take action to leave their passions every day.
Passionate people see life as a precious thing that could be taken away anytime. They have a sense of urgency to their day. They tend to focus on the most important things in their lives, letting go of what they see as trivial - such as the pressures created by society, media, and others to act or be a certain way. Passionate people plan and set goals but are flexible in their thinking. They do not lock themselves in to achieving goals that are no longer consistent with their values, beliefs and purpose in life.

They are enthusiastic about the success of others.
Passionate people have a deep sense of caring and compassion for others that often shows itself in a sense of enthusiasm about the success of others. They sincerely want others to be happy and experience good things in life.

The take responsibility for their lives I'm not afraid to ask for support.
They take full responsibility for their decisions, but when they need additional information, new skills, or perhaps mentoring from an expert, they quickly seek it out.

How To Discover Your Passion
Revisit your childhood. What did you love to do?
So just making a list of all the things you remember enjoying as a child.
Research shows that there is much to be discovered in play, even as adults.
Revisit some of the positive activities, foods and events of childhood.

Make a "Creativity Board"
When you surround yourself with images of your intention, who you want to become or what you want to create, your awareness and passion will grow. - Michalko

Make a list of people who are where you want to be
Study people who have been successful in the area you want to pursue. 
No matter what the business is, there are always people who are successful in it. Study them, figure out how and why they are able to remain successful when everyone else is folding up and then set up structures to emulate them.
If you want to be creative, create a rigorous and formal plan. It's not the plan that is creative; it's the process that you go through that opens up so many possibilities.

Start doing what you love, even without a business plan.
Do what you enjoy - even if you haven't figured out how to monetize it. Test what it might be like to work in an area you're passionate about. Build your business network and ask for feedback that will help you develop and refine a business plan. 
It's a way to not only show the value you would bring, but you can also get testimonials that will help launch your business when you're ready to make it official.
It will shift you out of paralysis and fear and the joy of seeing the difference your contribution makes will fuel your creativity. - Cath Duncan

Take A Break From Business Thinking
After you take a mental vacation doing something you're passionate about, I suggest you pick up your jotter and write down any business idea that comes to mind. You'll be amazed at how refresh your ideas are.
Looking at beautiful things; art and nature create connections that often neglect to notice. Notice them and stick to them.

Nothing comes to mind right away? Well get out a sheet of paper, and start writing down ideas. Anything that comes to mind, write it down. 
Write everything down and evaluate it later.

Don't Quit Your Job Just Yet
If you find your calling, your passion, today - don't turn in your resignation tomorrow.
If you can do your passion as a side job, and build up the income for a few months or a year, that's even better. It gives you a chance to build up some savings (and if you're going into business for yourself, you'll need that cash reserve), while practicing the skills you need.

Give It A Try First
It's best to actually test your new idea before jumping into it as a career. Do it as a hobby or side job at first, so that you can see if it's really your true calling.

Do As Much Research As Possible
Know as much about your passion as possible.
Read every website possible on the topic, and buy the best books available. Find other people, either in your area or on the Internet, who do what you want to do for a living, and quiz them about the profession.
Often, you'll find that people are more than willing to give advice.

Practice, And Practice, And Practice Some More.
Don't go into it with an amateur skill level. Want to make money - to be a professional, you need to have professional skills. Get very good at your future career and you will make money at it. Practice for hours on end. If it is something you love, the practice should be something you want to do.

Never Quit Trying
There may be more than one passion in your lifetime, so explore all the possibilities.
Success doesn't come easy, so giving up early is a sure way to fail.
Keep trying and you'll get there.

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