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Your wife's spirit is the gas in her car. Not only must her tank be full, but her battery needs to be charged, her oil kept clean, her brake fluid replenished, and yes, she must have a good supply of antifreeze for those cold nights.

Without the daily infilling of the Holy Spirit, we all run on empty. Your wife may be running on empty right now and not even realize it.

If a woman doesn't spend enough time every day with the Lord in prayer, worship, and the Word of God, she will lose ground, and the enemy of her soul will run her down.

Many women can get eroded physically, emotionally, and mentally by unrelenting attacks of the enemy and not even be aware that it's happening. And the effects of it will carry over into your marriage. Your wife's relationship with God will affect her relationship with you more than anything else.

Because you are the head of the home and have been given authority over "all the power of the enemy" (Luke 10:19), you can inform him that he cannot lie to your wife or twist the truth of God in her mind. You can pray that your wife will be so solid in the truth that she can immediately identify a lie of the enemy, cast it aside, and listen only to the voice of God.

Your wife also wants to know God's will and be certain she is in the center of it. Having clarity about what God is calling her to do, and then doing it, gives her peace.

Your prayers will help her hear from God and be content no matter what state she is in.

Another good reason to pray for your wife's spiritual walk is that it is far better if both of you are putting your expectations in God.

She must be filled afresh with the fuel of the Holy Spirit each day. She must be charged with the power of God.

Does your wife have enough of what she needs for the distance she has to go today? Has she filled up with the finest? Ask God about this, and He will show you.

Please pray for your wife that:
1. She will be strong in faith.
2. She will grow spiritually.
3. She will spend time in the Word and in prayer.
4. She will have discernment and revelation.
5. She will become a mighty woman of God.
6. She will be a light to others.
7. She will know God's will and live in it.

Matthew 5:6
John 15:7
John 4:14
Matthew 17:20
Psalm 105:3

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