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Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion. - Tony Hsieh

From agriculture, to stocks and bonds and to other financial products, money is everywhere around us, it only takes knowledge and information to tap into these hidden treasures.

The Bank

It is possible to make money from the financial products that you use everyday.

Make money from your credit card by finding out what perks are available to you for subscribing to search cards and if you pay promptly.

Information is key. Most times we miss out on opportunities that are right before us because we do not ask simple questions. Take time out, go to your bank and talk to the customer service official there and ask extensively about products that will benefit you as an esteemed customer.

Your Savings

It's possible to make your money grow on its own by saving it in a high interest savings account that will see an amount of interest paid on your savings either monthly or annually. However, saving rates at the moment are nothing to write home about.


Instead of putting your money into cold storage, put it to work for you by investing it. Investing is the act of committing money or capital to an endeavor with the expectation of obtaining an additional income or profit.

You can visualize the concept of investing as an extension of you - your money is working when you are not. Working for a monthly wage as many of us grew up knowing cannot get us to achieve the kind of wealth we desire.

Certificate of Deposit

CDs are among the safest investment a person can make. The interest rate is determined ahead of time and you are guaranteed to get back what you put in plus interest once the CD matures.


Everyone must eat at some point everyday. This therefore is a pointer that agriculture is a viable and thriving business only if we would look beyond the dirty hands to the amount of money made each day all over the world from it.

One of the thriving areas in any economy in this world is agriculture because people whether rich or poor, employed or unemployed, white or black will ALWAYS have an urge to eat and that is where I 'agribusiness' comes in.

Agriculture went run and managed properly as a business, will not only provide you good money but will also provide food and enjoyment for you and many others. There is nothing no class about feeding multitudes and getting paid for it.

Start small (even if you have the capacity to start big) then expand little by little.

There are various low maturing vegetables that are ready for harvest in less than a month and with proper management you can be making healthy profit from it.

In the Sea

You can make a business out of selling sand from the bottom of the water. Sand is very much needed and good quality sound can be found right underneath us.

Under the Earth: Mining 

Every nation of the Earth has mineral deposited beneath the ground by nature. A large percent of these minerals are still lying beneath the Earth, yet to be extracted.

Everything will depend on is either made from minerals or relies on minerals for his production. There are even many more hidden treasures that we have not yet discovered or taking full advantage of.


You are the most important of all other hidden natural resources. Every natural resource can create money but it cannot harness itself to generate the money. 

You are the one who can use your passion, talent, skills, attitude etc.

You are the reason the money is there. Your ability provides solution to people's needs.

No nation in the world that undermines its human capital succeeds. Human capital is wealth, the most viable resource for any nation.

Maintain the right attitude towards money because your attitude towards money determines your velocity towards riches.

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